The art of Anton Karyuk is conditioned by his interests in perception, movement, embodied experience and feelings of himself. Karyuk seeks to pay attention to art relevant to society as a whole. Art, for him, is an important means for turning thinking into doing things in the world. The diverse works of Karyuk - in painting, performances and installations - were exhibited throughout Europe. Not limited to the scope of the museum and gallery, his practice covers a wider public sphere through interventions in the civil space.

Karyuk was born in 1988. He grew up in Ukraine and studied architecture. He is the member and the founder of the artistic group Step'. The title refers to the birth place Dnipro city, which is located in the steppe climate zone. Since the middle of 2005 Karyuk has realized exhibitions and projects on the topic of social relations in the world of modern media and self-identification.

Karyuk lives and works in Kyiv and Vilnius.

Selected personal/group shows:

2019. (UPCOMING) Personal exhibition Galleri Leoparden. Uppsala (Sweden).
2019.  (UPCOMING) Personal exhibition Vilnius (Lithuania).
2019. Group exhibition "Erotica: The Art of Love, Nature, and Dick Drawings". Blank space. Oslo (Norway).
2019. Personal exhibition "Pastels". Vaidilos teatras. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2019.  Group exhibition. Rasch gallery. Kassel (Germany).
2019.  Personal exhibition "Pre-Education". Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz gallery. Dresden (Germany). 
2018. Group exhibition "26: Am I My Generation?". Sodu 4 gallery. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2018. Personal exhibition "Nice to meet you". Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art. Ustka (Poland). 
2017. Personal exhibition Roleplays. Skalvija. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2017. Forbidden family. Kedi gallery. Izmit (Turkey).
2017. Flaws in the open air. Contemporary art festival Porto Franko, group The Step', Ivano-Frankivs’k (Ukraine).
2017. Interactive installation project Pi Gallery, , art group Step', Poznan (Poland). 
2017. Personal exhibition Portraits, Storrady gallery, Szczecin (Poland). 
2016. You’re win, art group Step', Art-prichal gallery. Kyiv (Ukraine). 
2016. Heritage, project Unborn, art group Step', Institute of 2016. Contemporary Art. Kyiv (Ukraine). 
2016. The Flame, art group Step', Gallery XX ?. Kyiv (Ukraine).
2016. The Awakening project, art group Step', Ladasad. Kyiv (Ukraine). 
2015. Group exhibition Ballpoint, Karas’ gallery. Art arsenal. Kyiv (Ukraine). 
2015. Personal exhibition 33 Solitudes, gallery Port. Kyiv (Ukraine). 
2015. Social art project Paradnik, group exhibition. Kyiv (Ukraine).

Awards, fellowships and residences:

The Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art Residence. Ustka (Poland). 2018.
Volunteering in the socio-cultural organization In Corpore. Programme Erasmus +. Vilnius (Lithuania). 2017-2018.
I:O residence. Helikon Art Center. Bahçecik (Turkey). 2017.
Winner of Studio Parisien des Arts et la Mode (1st place). Paris (France). 2017.
Finalist of the international competition of illustration Imago. Kyiv (Ukraine). 2016.


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