Anton Karyuk was born in Dnipro, Ukraine, in 1988. He has studied architecture at the Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Currently he lives and works in Kyiv and Vilnius. In his artistic practice, Anton uses various mediums – from performance and installation to abstract painting.
Since 2015, Anton has been developing his artistic practice by focusing on the topic of social relations in the world of modern media. The most significant works for the artist include the video “Concert No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra in B Flat Minor”, installation “Friendship of Nations” and project “Personal flag”, dealing with the themes of identity and marginalization. Not being limited to museums and galleries, Anton's practice intervenes in the wider public space.

Overall, the artist searches for an abstract visual language and minimalist execution, exploring personal and socially-sensitive topics. Anton has presented his works at personal and group exhibitions in Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine.

Selected personal/group shows:

2021. Personal exhibition Guilty Fresher. išgir̃stì. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2020. Group exhibition Code War project. Quarto ge - Ex ospedale psichiatrico. Genova (Italy).

2020. Personal exhibition Sapfo manifesto. Luna6. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2020. Group exhibition Between Statements. Garbary 37. Poznan, (Poland).
2020. Group exhibition Somewhere now. Labirynt gallery. Lublin (Poland).
2020. Group exhibition § Jesteśmy ludźmi / We Are People. Labirynt gallery. Lublin (Poland).

2020. Group online exhibition «Still shining». Ponder Savant. California, (USA).
2020. Group online exhibition «Copy That». Lockdown Gallery. London, (United Kingdom).
2020. Group online exhibition «Eros & Thanatos». Beam Collective. Tel Aviv, (Israel).
2020. Group exhibition of «Unessential». Skala gallery. Poznan, (Poland).
2020. Group exhibition of PinchukArtCentre award nominees. Kyiv, (Ukraine).

2019. Personal exhibition «Identifying». Galleri Leoparden. Uppsala (Sweden).
2019. Group exhibition. Gallery Artsvit. Dnipro (Ukraine).
2019. Group exhibition «Erotica: The Art of Love, Nature, and Dick Drawings». Blank space. Oslo (Norway).
2019. Personal exhibition «Pastels». Vaidilos teatras. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2019. Group exhibition. Rasch gallery. Kassel (Germany).
2019. Personal exhibition «Pre-Education». Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz gallery. Dresden (Germany).
2018. Group exhibition «26: Am I My Generation?». Sodu 4 gallery. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2018. Personal exhibition «Nice to meet you». Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art. Ustka (Poland).
2017. Personal exhibition «Roleplays». Skalvija. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2017. «Forbidden family». Kedi gallery. Izmit (Turkey).
2017. «Flaws in the open air». Contemporary art festival Porto Franko, group The Step', Ivano-Frankivs’k (Ukraine).
2017. Interactive installation project. Pi Gallery, , art group Step', Poznan (Poland).
2017. Personal exhibition «Portraits», Storrady gallery, Szczecin (Poland).
2016. «You’re win», art group Step', Art-prichal gallery. Kyiv (Ukraine).
2016. Heritage, project «Unborn», art group Step', Institute of Contemporary Art. Kyiv (Ukraine).
2016. «The Flame», art group Step', Gallery XX ?. Kyiv (Ukraine).
2015. Personal exhibition «33 Solitudes», gallery Port. Kyiv (Ukraine).
2015. Social art project «Paradnik», group exhibition. Kyiv (Ukraine).

Awards, fellowships and residences:

2020-2021. Existenzminimum of DeMo reciprocal residency
of the Kaunas Artists' House. Kaunas (Lithuania).
2020. The residence Archive: performance art of Ukraine. Dnipro (Ukraine).
2020. Gaude Polonia (scholarship programme of the Ministry of Culture of Poland). Poznan (Poland).
2020. PinchukArtCentre Award Nominee. Kyiv (Ukraine).
2019. I-Portunus (mobility grant funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union). Uppsala (Sweden).
2019. The residence of the gallery «Artsvit». Direction: Visual art. Dnipro (Ukraine).
2018. The Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art Residence. Ustka (Poland).
2017-2018. Volunteering in the socio-cultural organization In Corpore. Programme Erasmus +. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2017. I:O residence. Helikon Art Center. Bahçecik (Turkey).
2017. Winner of Studio Parisien des Arts et la Mode (1st place). Paris (France).
2016. Finalist of the international competition of illustration Imago. Kyiv (Ukraine).