Concerto No. 1 for piano and orchestra in B-flat minor

The work "Concerto No.1 for piano and orchestra in B-flat minor" is a symbolic "anthem" to the absurd situation in Ukraine in regards to the struggle for human rights, in particular concerning discrimination based on sexual orientation. The video consists of nine segments of interviews and public speeches of politicians, activists and researchers promoting ultra-conservative developments in modern Ukraine against the background of common aspirations for European values, using the hate speeches and ridiculous statements.

Absurdity is highlighted by the importance of governmental positions, occupied by protagonists, providing their personal beliefs as if it was the public opinion.

Ganna Turchinova
(Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor. Head of the Department of Foreign Languages of Mikhail Drahomanov National Pedagogical University. Wife of the former Acting President of Ukraine, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.)
Adrian Bukovinsky
(Candidate in Philosophy. Family Policy and Family Relations Expert. President of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Family.)
Illya Kyva
(Chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine. Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.)
Oleg Barna
(Member of Parliament of Ukraine.)

Yuri Miroshnichenko
(Member of Parliament of Ukraine.)

Yevgeny Muraev
(Member of Parliament of Ukraine.)

Ruslan Kukharchuk
Konstantin Vasilets
(Deputy Head of the Odesa Regional Organization Svoboda.)
Volodymyr Groisman
(Prime Minister of Ukraine.)

The music use for the work is performed by one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century, Svyatoslav Richter, the receiver of numerous awards, including the Grammy Award (he was the first of Soviet musicians to receive it). The Ukrainian pianist was fictitiously married in order to avoid attention from the authorities pursuing homosexuals. The video is named after the performed concert.

Svyatoslav Richter and the Viennese Symphony Orchestra: Pyotr Tchaikovsky - Concerto No. 1 for piano and orchestra in B-flat minor, op. 23.


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