Empire collapsed

I launched my project  “Empire collapsed” on February 23, 2022, still not knowing that the next morning my country would be set on fire by the hands of nazi russia. “As a Ukrainian and an artist, I have no choice but to imagine” – the only thing I could write back then.

The project consists of covers of 81 passports created for the free lands of the former evil empire, according to the current number of territories of the Russian Federation. In this imaginary future, every subject has the right to the actual freedom of choice, and the long-lasting colonial system, which had flourished on their territory until now, has irretrievably fallen. The country which relies solely on brutal force and propaganda, imperialist aspirations and humiliation of others, is a failed country.

Additional information: The project uses factitious coats of arms, written language and colors, they are not claimed to be accurate or real. Some imperialist symbols, such as royal crowns, Soviet stars and double-headed eagles, have been removed from the existing coats of arms. Besides, two cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg – are not considered separate territories, but are included in the respective regions here.