The project considers clichés and their use to manipulating public opinion. Taking as his material pages from the Soviet Lithuanian cinema magazine Kinas of 1945–1956, the author takes images from some of the era’s cult film classics showing “innocent” same-sex relationships – comrades at work, friends sharing a moment – and casts them in a different light. Abstracted from their original context, these images take on unintended meanings, referencing sexual fetishes.

In the not-too-distant past era of censorship and the state’s control over culture, photography was a vehicle for political messages, a tool to help govern the people. Is it enough to put an image in a different light to have its meaning transformed? How easy is it to influence people? And how do “public opinion” and popular clichés distort our view of the world?

Technical details: Illustrations in ink, digitized and printed on transparent film, placed on glass over issues of the Soviet Lithuanian cinema magazine Kinas from 1954–1956.


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