The project is shaped as a reflection on cliches and manipulations of public opinion. Reversals of the Soviet Lithuanian magazine Kinas of 1954-1956 are taken as the basis of it. The pictures show same-sex relationships (friendship, work, etc.) from some cult films of that time. Now it is possible to look at them from a different angle through abstract images referencing to sexual fetishes.
In the past era of censorship and state control over culture, photography carried a political and biased implications, helping to govern people. It's enough to look at a different light and the meaning changes.How easy is it to influence people? And how does public opinion and popular cliches distort our perception of the world?

The project is illustrations of ink, digitized and printed on a transparent film. The film is placed on the glass over some editions of the Soviet Lithuanian magazine Kinas 1954-1956.


Skalvija. Vilnius, Lithuania. 2017.