Sexual Objectification

Series titled "Sexual Objectification" comprises a collection of subtle black-and-white photographs that delicately delve into the realm of homoerotic fetishes. The artist extends an invitation to viewers, encouraging them to ponder the intricate connections binding the depicted objects and the individuals who interact with them. This exploration echoes the notion that fetishism functions as a mechanism of desire, forging a link between these objects and the realm of human sexuality. Through the evocative and understated visuals, the artist manages to encapsulate the intimacy and sensuality inherent in these objects. This, in turn, encourages us to investigate the interplay between desire, power dynamics, and the experience of pleasure.

By directing our attention to the tactile qualities and finer aspects of these objects, the artist encourages us to embark on a more profound investigation of our individual desires, along with the cultural and societal frameworks that influence them.

Analog photography
2014 - ongoing