Anton Karyuk was born in Dnipro, Ukraine, in 1988. He has studied architecture at the Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Currently he lives and works in Kyiv and Vilnius. In his artistic practice, Anton uses various mediums – from performance and installation to abstract painting.

Since 2015, Anton has been developing his artistic practice by focusing on the topic of social relations in the world of modern media. The most significant works for the artist include the video “Concert No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra in B Flat Minor”, installation “Friendship of Nations” and project “Personal flag”, dealing with the themes of identity and marginalization. Not being limited to museums and galleries, Anton's practice intervenes in the wider public space.

Overall, the artist searches for an abstract visual language and minimalist execution, exploring personal and socially-sensitive topics. Anton has presented his works at personal and group exhibitions in Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine.

Selected personal/group shows:

2020. (UPCOMING) Group exhibition of PinchukArtCentre award nominees. Kyiv, (Ukraine).
2019. Personal exhibition «Identifying». Galleri Leoparden. Uppsala (Sweden).
2019. Group exhibition. Gallery Artsvit. Dnipro (Ukraine).
2019. Group exhibition «Erotica: The Art of Love, Nature, and Dick Drawings». Blank space. Oslo (Norway). 
2019. Personal exhibition «Pastels». Vaidilos teatras. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2019. Group exhibition. Rasch gallery. Kassel (Germany).
2019. Personal exhibition «Pre-Education». Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz gallery. Dresden (Germany).
2018. Group exhibition «26: Am I My Generation?». Sodu 4 gallery. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2018. Personal exhibition «Nice to meet you». Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art. Ustka (Poland). 
2017. Personal exhibition «Roleplays». Skalvija. Vilnius (Lithuania).
2017. «Forbidden family». Kedi gallery. Izmit (Turkey).
2017. «Flaws in the open air». Contemporary art festival Porto Franko, group The Step', Ivano-Frankivs’k (Ukraine).
2017. Interactive installation project. Pi Gallery, , art group Step', Poznan (Poland). 
2017. Personal exhibition «Portraits», Storrady gallery, Szczecin (Poland). 
2016. «You’re win», art group Step', Art-prichal gallery. Kyiv (Ukraine). 
2016. Heritage, project «Unborn», art group Step', Institute of Contemporary Art. Kyiv (Ukraine). 
2016. «The Flame», art group Step', Gallery XX ?. Kyiv (Ukraine).
2015. Personal exhibition «33 Solitudes», gallery Port. Kyiv (Ukraine). 
2015. Social art project «Paradnik», group exhibition. Kyiv (Ukraine). 

Awards, fellowships and residences:

PinchukArtCentre Award Nominee. Kyiv (Ukraine). 2020.
The residence of the gallery «Artsvit». Direction: Visual art. Dnipro (Ukraine). 2019.
The Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art Residence. Ustka (Poland). 2018.
Volunteering in the socio-cultural organization In Corpore. Programme Erasmus +. Vilnius (Lithuania). 2017-2018.
I:O residence. Helikon Art Center. Bahçecik (Turkey). 2017.
Winner of Studio Parisien des Arts et la Mode (1st place). Paris (France). 2017.
Finalist of the international competition of illustration Imago. Kyiv (Ukraine). 2016.


Art Nouveau Magazine (USA), (UK), ArtUkraine magazine (Ukraine), Harper’s Bazaar (Ukraine), Forbes magazine (Ukraine), (Italia),,,,,,,,,, (Poland), (Poland), (Poland).

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Friendship of Nations

Enamel on mirror

The project is an allusion to the infamous monument in Kyiv "Arch of Friendship of Nations".

Recently, the arch has acquired many symbolic referencies:
- Post-Soviet reflections.
- a symbol of the struggle for human rights, in particular the LGBT+ movement in the country.
- the emergence of radical nationalist movements in Ukraine.

The opening of the architectural comlex took place in 1982 and was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the formation of the USSR.

In the framework of the Law on Decommunization of Ukraine adopted in 2016, it was decided to dismantle the Arch of Friendship of Nations. But at the end of 2017 the authorities decided not to demolish the Arch, since this would have costed a substantial amount of money.

Besides during the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 the Arch should have been painted in rainbow colors, supporting the slogan of the contest "Celebrating Diversity". However, the process of painting was interrupted by the right wing of the Parliament. As a result, during the competition the arch was half painted.

In the end the colored stripes were repainted gray under the pressure of nationalists. A photography of the half-painted arch became one of the main symbols of the fight for the rights of LGBT+ community.

The installation is a mirror arch hanged in the air. One side of the double-sided mirrors is left untouched, thus disappearing in space, leaving its viewers alone with themselves in the void. From the other side the arch is a play of illusions through abstract color combinations. The viewers choose not only from witch angle to consider the physical object itself, but also a point of view on the problems faced by the Ukrainian society.


Concerto No. 1 for piano and orchestra in B-flat minor


The work "Concerto No.1 for piano and orchestra in B-flat minor" is a symbolic "anthem" to the absurd situation in Ukraine in regards to the struggle for human rights, in particular concerning discrimination based on sexual orientation. The video consists of nine segments of interviews and public speeches of politicians, activists and researchers promoting ultra-conservative developments in modern Ukraine against the background of common aspirations for European values, using the hate speeches and ridiculous statements.

Absurdity is highlighted by the importance of governmental positions, occupied by protagonists, providing their personal beliefs as if it was the public opinion.

Ganna Turchinova
(Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor. Head of the Department of Foreign Languages of Mikhail Drahomanov National Pedagogical University. Wife of the former Acting President of Ukraine, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.)

Adrian Bukovinsky
(Candidate in Philosophy. Family Policy and Family Relations Expert. President of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Family.)

Illya Kyva
(Chairman of the Socialist Party of Ukraine. Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.)

Oleg Barna
(Member of Parliament of Ukraine.)

Yuri Miroshnichenko
(Member of Parliament of Ukraine.)

Yevgeny Muraev
(Member of Parliament of Ukraine.)

Ruslan Kukharchuk

Konstantin Vasilets
(Deputy Head of the Odesa Regional Organization Svoboda.)

Volodymyr Groisman
(Prime Minister of Ukraine.)

The music use for the work is performed by one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century, Svyatoslav Richter, the receiver of numerous awards, including the Grammy Award (he was the first of Soviet musicians to receive it). The Ukrainian pianist was fictitiously married in order to avoid attention from the authorities pursuing homosexuals. The video is named after the performed concert.

Svyatoslav Richter and the Viennese Symphony Orchestra:

Pyotr Tchaikovsky - Concerto No. 1 for piano and orchestra in B-flat minor, op. 23.


Nice to meet you

Enamel on mirror

The world of modern media gives evidences of availability of public information for every user. But over time, private sites and dating applications of  the virtual world started to input a paid option to view questionnaires, blurring the main photo into an abstract color spot that visually resembles a person's aura. So what is the power of modern virtual space in, if not in accessibility? The project is a installations inspired from resources for dating and questionnaires.


33 Solitudes

Oil on canvas

On the principle of personal feelings of the artist and the world of research psychologists, the concept of "Solitude" can be divided into 33 components, which were called oil canvases :

1. Fatality
2 . Rootlessness
3 . True freedom
4 . Apathy
5 . Knowledge
6. Communication with God
7. Reclusion
8. Intuition
9. Anxiety
10 . Feeling
11. Anger
12. Reflection
13. Lack of harmony
14. Fear
15. Monotony
16. Self-torture
17. Last responsibility
18. Suicide
19. Observation
20. Concentration
21. Isolation
22. Innocence
23. Alienation
24. Finis
25. Anguish
26. Loss
27. Frustration
28. Nostalgia
29. Despair
30. Stressful event
31. Self-identification
32. Individuality
33. Dependence

Changes taking place in the modern post-Soviet society led to the destruction of traditional values , drop the idea of objective reasonableness that regulators contributed to the loss of human contact . Crises are many aspects of life ( social, economic ) exacerbated the issue of independence, led by developing individual personality choice of priorities in life . Radical renewal of values and norms , the transition to a fundamentally different ideas about the proper and correct , to the new standards of behavior , forming new habits and traditions takes place mainly at the stage of basic socialization of new generations. As is known , the difficulty of this stage of social development is that there was a "gap" spiritual values of past and present generations.

Loneliness can not be completely reduced to feeling, because there are other components. It is fair to say that loneliness - is a complex psychological phenomenons , which includes a sense of isolation , understanding that you're isolated , and the formation of certain goals based on this understanding. That is loneliness - it is not easy to compose some reasons , it is itself a regulator of behavior appears to cause new phenomena.



Pastel on paper

"Nowadays the perception of the portrait has acquired a completely different meaning, where feelings and emotions come to the fore, reflected only in pure color".


Who is normal?

Enamel on paper


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In this work the artists reproduce the mechanism of waterfall, drawing an analogy with the natural process of forming social relations. Unequal positions of individuals demand fulfillment of different functions. The synergy of the performed roles symbolizes the natural strength and organic formation of ties within the social ladder.

Anton Karyuk
Lena Siyatovska
Sang Hoon Lee

Turkey 2017

Rock on wich we split

The work demonstrates Sisyphean task. Humans always try to improve the world around themselves and unsuccessfully compete with nature. Rock on which we split is an attempt to improve things which a already-perfect relying on public opinion and on the subjective perception of the Beauty.

Anton Karyuk
Lena Siyatovska

the Dust

The performance shows an attempt to explore the common space between people. Dust is a visual object, apparently filling the field of communication. Interrelation of two individuals is realized not only on the physical level, but also on the mental one. The work illustrates this through one of the main processes of life — breathing.

Anton Karyuk
Sang Hoon Lee
Mert Acaröz

God's choice

The video-performance is an observation of the dual concept of "prayer". People in one family, city, country and world often turn to God with opposite requests: to defend, to judge in dispute, to punish, to preserve well-being ... But often what is good for one is a misfortune for another. Whose side should God except?The work God's choice, which shows artists' pray, standing back to back, clearly demonstrates this process. The absurdity of the situation is raised to the highest level, especially with the identical religions of the conflicting sides.

Anton Karyuk
Lena Siyatovska


The work demonstrates an interaction of two forces. The roles of the one who puts somethings on scales and the one who tries to maintain a balance are equally important. Equilibrium is not one-sided and requires finding the right points of contact. In reality tranquility and concentration is always replaced by uncontrollable natural instincts, whilst harmony can be transformed into chaos.

Anton Karyuk
Sang Hoon Lee


The work simulates close interaction of two people, necessary for the birth of an idea. In order to keep a fragile body one needs to interact as delicately as possible, trying to not overdo it. TV screen fulfills the opposite of its original function. It distorts reality, instead of just broadcasting information. In this way, it hides from the observer all the details of interaction aimed at the birth of new meanings.

Anton Karyuk
Sang Hoon Lee

the Elements

The work shows the reaction of a human body in interaction with the elements of nature. A person can feel the liquid qualities in some solid substances and vice versa, if they are not in their regular form. Changing the properties of materials may be possible only in the mental-state of consciousness.

Anton Karyuk
Sang Hoon Lee

Hryvnia «₴»

The work is devoted to the devaluation of the national currency of Ukraine. The depreciation of national money from 2012 continues to this day, losing positions more than 3 times. The symbol "₴" is a hand-written version of the lowercase Cyrillic letter "g" with two parallel horizontal strokes symbolizing stability. The video demonstrates how the international sign of the Ukrainian currency is dissolving. The sign made of grain is being eaten by birds.

You are next

The municipal authorities of the Polish town Ustka mark the trees to be cut with orange crosses, in this way carrying out town improvement works, eliminating the trees which are somehow dangerous, sick or inconvenient.Artists ask, what it means to be comfortable in the society and to meet standards which are generally accepted. When a person actively defends his positions and nonconformist ideas, his views are rarely met without some protest. At some point "inconvenient" can be anyone.

Anton Karyuk

Lena Siyatovska


Artists Anton Karyuk and Lena Siyatovska (art group Step’) have realized project for Pi Gallery founded by Vitalii Shupliak in Poznan.

The exhibiting space is a vicious circle of the radius of 1 meter (i.e. the area of 3.14 m²). The artists have located the exhibiting space in an elevator in a public building and outlined it by insulating tape. In this way, they have put an isolated area of art on humans path. Heading in his or her everyday affairs, a person enters the confined space of the elevator by chance. All our paths somehow pass through the culture medium. However, often we do not pay attention to that. Does the cultural space in which a person finds him- or herself influence his or her global goals and chosen routes?

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Flaws in the open air

A multidisciplinary project is a study of human vices.

The first steps were anonymous surveys of residents of four different cities in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Lithuania. Participants were asked to name their character traits that they consider to be negative, preventing them from achieving their goals and often being deeply hidden. Vices, that are not comfortable to be talked about and that people would like to get rid of, became the basis for the installations.

Words from mirror were taken out in the public. Thus, the hidden features became public, mirroring their observers, bringing them together with their common fears and hopes for self-control and self-acceptance.

Mirror mosaics are located in these public places:


The project began in the Ukrainian capital. Words-signs took their honorable place on Lysa Hill, Volodymyrs'ka Gorka, in Kitaevo, on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechers'k Lavra, and Starokyivs'ka Hill. As a result of the survey, the Ukrainians singled out these flaws for themselves: “Ложь” (Lies), “Спесь” (Arrogance),“Лень” (Laziness), “Стыд” (Shame), and “Страх” (Fear).

The local people of the town of Ustka chose “Lenistwo” (“Laziness”), “Upartosc” (“Obstinacy”), and “Zazdrosc” (“Envy”) as their vices. The installations of mirror words could be seen on the shore of the Baltic Sea, in the forest, and at the seaport.

Karlsaue Park, Skate Park, Friedrich Square, and Kings Square in the German city of Kassel became sites for installations. The locals defined the following terms for themselves: "Intensität" (Tension), "Ernst" (Seriousness), "Schwermut" (Melancholy), and "Nachdenklichkeit" (Thoughtfulness).

5 mirror mosaics were placed in the area of the Vilnius Railway Station. In the region bordering the Old Center and Naujininkai, historically formed as a working-class neighborhood. The words “Atidėliojimas” (Procrastination), “Reiklumas” (Exactingness), “Kaltė” (Guilt), “Baimė” (Fear), and “Nesaugumas” (Unsafeness).

The pacifists

Mirror on steel plates

Nationalism, chauvinism, racism, sexism and other forms of rejection of another's worldview and identity make us think about the involvement of every person living in modern society, without exception. Often, fighters for justice in a specific field of activity show an extreme intolerance towards religion, sexual orientation or race. Where does our freedom end? To which extent is each of us involved in discrimination as a whole?

The project is a steel plate, on which the most popular symbols of certain religions, symbols of sexual or national identity are placed. Thus, the mirror surface of steel and its parts themselves reflect a person who looks at it, becoming involved in this particular minority by means of a visual image.

Play with food

Enamel on steel plates

Artist is reflecting the topic of modern culture of food consumption and its consequences in his work "Play with food". The title of the project refers to a stable expression that parents usually address to children - "Do not play with food!". Eating has always been at the heart of social and interpersonal relationships. Even today, when there is no problem with the production, food permeates all aspects of  person's life, from economic to political. How can everyday food be reflected physically and emotionally for each person?

The behavior of animals, insects, birds is programmed by a system of instincts: they initially understand how and what to eat, how to survive, how to nest, when and where to fly, etc. The system of instincts has faded for human beings. The function that nature performs in the instincts, is performed by culture in human society.

Despite modern diversity and abundance, food continues to dominate the minds of mankind and influence people's lives. The culture of food, the ways of its extraction, the composition of food, the traditions of its reception continue to play a central role in people's lives, to influence the most diverse aspects of their existence. But human continues to remember that this is almost the only legacy of the animal world that he can not overcome by any force. And he continues to be embarrassed by such a low topic, which is such an important part of his life.
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Forbidden family

The world of modern media gives evidences of availability of public information for every user. But over time, private sites and dating applications of  the virtual world started to input a paid option to view questionnaires, blurring the main photo into an abstract color spot that visually resembles a person's aura. So what is the power of modern virtual space in, if not in accessibility?

The project is a images from resources for dating and questionnaires.

The project, which wasn't destined to happen

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