Photo Maxim Shumilin, Tatsiana Karpachova, Labirynt Gallery

2050 (Congratulations! There are 10 billion of us.)

The work is a projection into the future, where our planet's population will reach 10 billion by 2050, as identified in the latest research by Samir KC and Wolfgang Lutz of the Guttmacher Institute.
When talking about sustainable development, it is simply impossible to avoid the issue of the world population, which has grown from 1 billion in the 18th century to almost 8 billion today. At the same time, the consumption of energy, water, space and minerals per capita has increased. These developments promptly brought us to the "Complete World", and are connected with the desire of mankind of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Congratulations are recorded in 24 most popular languages, identified as mother tongues by the largest number of inhabitants of the world (based on Ethnologue Handbook, SIL International Institute).


Labirynt Gallery. Lublin, Poland. 2020.