The most important moments of planetary and time cycles, such as the change of seasons, days of the equinox, solstice, are considered significant dates in the calendar. Days marked by someone's birth, wedding, adulthood and transitioning to some other new status are also significant moments of celebration in one's personal life. Religious, pagan, cristian, muslim or other, events associated with death, rebirth and response to some natural phenomena are always commemorated by peculiar rites, sacrifices or songs and dances.
The installation is dedicated to the Holiday - a day in the calendar with a sacral meaning, honoring something or someone.
The calendar nature of holidays, harmonizing the rhythms of human life and the rhythms of the universe, is embodied in 52 sets of garland lights, representing 52 weeks of the year. Only one of them is lit up today, while the turn of the rest has already passed or has not yet arrived.


Garbary 37. Poznan, Poland. 2020.