Sapfo manifesto

This work is the result and extension of the interactive installation, which became a part of “SapfoFest 2019” and consisted of empty canvases in the form of used mirrors. Home mirrors were collected all over Lithuania: from the abandoned sanatorium "Nemunas" in Druskininkai to dormitories and dump in Vilnius. The festival guests got acquainted with the origin of mirrors and received short instructions from the artist:
Here are mirrors and graffiti spray cans.
Write what is important to you.
Make abstract or specific drawings.
Write in any language.
No censorship.

The permission to be vandals and to speak honestly in unrestricted surroundings (the festival was held in a countryside, surrounded by endless fields) encouraged new meanings and reflections to appear. In most cases, the old mirrors used to reflect the heteronormative past, often related to negative associations. Sharp slogans, secret signs and vibrant expression became the answers to the ignorance of the past.


Leoparden Gallery. Uppsala, Sweden. 2019.
L6. Vilnius, Lithuania. 2020.