Flaws in the open air: German edition

The project is based on the principle of filling public space with words-symbols. During the work, a survey was conducted among local residents of the German city of Kassel about the so-called "places of power" for the citizens and the vices that they would like to get rid of.
All terms are located in the public spaces: Karlsaue in front of the Orangerie, The Hall of Fame Skate Park, Friedrichsplatz in front of the Fridericianum, Königsplatz etc. So that they acquire hidden meanings, exaggerating the existing reality. These terms were defined: "Tension" (Intensität), "Seriousness" (Ernst), "Melancholy" (Schwermut), "Thoughtfulness" (Nachdenklichkeit) etc.

Rasch Gallery. Kassel, Germany. 2019.