Flaws in the open air: Polish edition

The principle of filling in the public space with words, symbols that have acquired totally different meaning through time. For example, the concept of "Lenistwo" ("Sloth") has transformed its negative meaning into a source of pride and luxury. "Upartosc" ("Stubbornness") closely connected with feelings of diligence and satisfying desires, has become commonplace. "Zazdrosc" ("Envy") has become the usual way of communicating with the outside world.
Exhibiting at the show all the familiar characters allows us to trace the reaction of people and stages of development of new, modern values of ancient evils, which have purchased the positive reaction of society. All terms are handed down in the public space in the so-called "places of power" for locals of the polish town Ustka (the beach of the Baltic Sea, the forest and sea gates of the city), so that they acquire the sacred meaning, exaggerating the existing reality.

Ustka, Poland. 2018.