Flaws in the open air: Lithuanian edition

A multidisciplinary project is a study of human vices.
The first step was an anonymous survey of residents of the Naujininkai district in Vilnius. Participants were asked to name their character traits that they consider to be negative, preventing them from achieving their goals and being often deeply hidden. Vices, that are not comfortable to be talked about and that people would like to get rid of, became the basis for the installation.

Words from mirror were taken out in the public. Thus, the hidden features became public, bringing residents together with common fears and hopes for self-control and self-acceptance.

5 mirror mosaics were placed in the area of the Vilnius Railway Station. In the region bordering the Old Center and Naujininkai, historically formed as working-class neighborhood, of the capital of Lithuania, the words Procrastination, Exactingness, Guilt, Fear and Unsafeness appeared.

Vilnius, Lithuania. 2019.